Multi-award winning

Director, Director’s Assistant, 1st A.D, 3rd A.D, Film Tutor, Story Consultant

About me

From age eight, I knew melding Image and Sound were my calling. Driven by the power of the moving image to awe, enhance and inspire, I Direct or assist Directors to craft commercial cinematic successes.


Internationally multi-award winning with over eight years directing commercial work and narrative films. I specialise in period pieces, magic realism and fantasy.
With over eight years in pre-production including call sheets, team logistics, crowd wrangling (200-500) and extras coaching, I'm adept across TVCs, Features, and TV Shows.
10 plus years as an Asstistant to Directors, Producers and Production Managers. I'm fluent in casting, storyboarding, InDesign, editing (PP,FCP,Avid) – on TVCs and Features.
Over five years experience in tutoring and leading courses: 16 week Film Courses, intensive film bootcamps, weekend media summits. My fields are: Pre-Production, Art Department, Direction, entry-level camera and editing, alongside, theoretical expertise on Media Dehumanization and Spirituality.

I work with

Sunday Punch
The Down Low Concept
South Pacific Pictures
New Zealand Film Academy
The Global Film Network
Robber's Dog
Cowley Films
The Zoo


NZ Film Agent
09 632 1032
Jonathan Zsofi-Guy
+64 22 549 7634
Zsofi pictures
28 Ethel St, Kingsland, Auckland, New Zealand
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